July 2, 2014

A Group From The New York Botanical Garden Came To The Farm

Last Thursday, a very special group came to the farm for a tour of the garden.  One of New York City’s treasures is the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) and I always love visiting this magnificent place.  Recently, I was at an event when I ran into Gregory Long, the President and CEO of NYBG and we had a discussion about the wonderful School of Professional Horticulture (SOPH) at NYBG.  For more than 80 years, SOPH has been training the world’s leading horticulturists.  Graduates of the program find exciting careers in public parks and gardens, landscape design/build firms, or in private estates all over the world.  In fact, several of my personal gardeners over the years received their education at SOPH.  Gregory told me that a group of students, interns, and employees of NYBG would be in my neighborhood visiting other private gardens and I invited the group to tour mine gardens and even have lunch!  My gardener, Ryan McCallister, led the tour and really enjoyed all the gardening conversation throughout.

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