July 1, 2014

Plan A Visit To The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market!

Last year, Judy Espinar, one of the founders of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, was a guest on my radio show, sharing information about this hugely successful market.  This is the largest and most successful market in the world for international folk art and I want to remind you that this year, The Market will run from July 11th through July 13th.  Many of the artists are from developing countries, where the average income is less than $3 a day and where political, social, and environmental hardships can make everyday life, not to mention the creation of art, extremely challenging.  In the last ten years, artists at The Market have earned more than $19 million dollars, providing them with the financial ability to radically improve their lives and their communities.  If you wish to see the best in international folk art, add amazing creations to your home or wardrobe, and improve the lives of artists around the world, please make plans to visit the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market in July of 2014!

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