March 19, 2015

A Look at My Begonias

As many of you know, I have a large collection of begonias - with their bold, beautiful foliage and delicate flowers, it’s hard to resist such an amazing family of plants. The genus begonia contains about 1500 different plant species and hundreds of hybrids. They are native to tropical and subtropical climates, so many specimens are kept indoors as ornamental houseplants.
Rhizomatous begonias are grown for their interesting and spectacular leaves. They come in an array of sizes, colors and textures, and can be small or large, smooth or veiny, decorated in bold accents of red, copper and silver or subtle shades of green. This group of begonias is also loved for its compact size. While the plants can grow very large horizontally, they don’t reach great heights because they grow from the rhizomes, which creep along the soil, or just above it in twisted trunks. As you will notice in the photos, it's the small, delicate blooms that rise above the foliage.
Rhizomatous begonias make wonderful additions to any home and with such a vast selection to choose from, I’m certain there’s at least one begonia that would inspire and captivate any gardener.
Here are the latest photos of the begonias in my greenhouse. I hope you enjoy them…

[albumid2 id="FloweringBegonias"]