March 20, 2015

Servicing The Espresso Machines

I love a good cup of cappuccino - it can be a great start to the day and a pleasant afternoon pick-me-up. My home espresso machine gets a lot of use, so of course, I keep it very clean. Coffee beans contain essential oils and over time, the residue from those oils can stick to the machine's components and alter the flavor of the beverages. Regular cleaning not only maintains the quality of the coffee, but also extends the life of the machine.

Last week, Kobrick Coffee's service and equipment manager, Donald Ibrekic, came out to my farm and checked all the machines. Each one was thoroughly cleaned and tested. Donald also gave us some helpful tips for maintaining the machines in between service visits, so every cup of cappuccino tastes perfect.

I hope these photos provide some useful tips for you too - enjoy.

[albumid2 id="ServicingCappuccinoMachine"]