March 18, 2015

Filling The Bird Feeders

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to observe and appreciate wildlife is by feeding the wild birds. Setting up a feeder on your property allows you to see avian visitors up close, and to understand the types of birds that frequent your neighborhood.

I have a number of feeders at my farm. I’ve always enjoyed watching the variety of birds that gather and feast outside my window. Feeding birds helps to sustain local wild bird populations, especially through cold, harsh winters and challenging migration periods. The important thing is to provide the right food. Always offer seeds that will attract the widest assortment of birds, and always remember to replenish the seeds once they run out.

The feeders at my farm are filled every day in winter, and every other day in spring. Here are some photos of the bird feeders being refilled and some of the beautiful birds that visit them. Enjoy!

[albumid2 id="FeedingTheBirds"]