March 12, 2015

Clearing The Storm Drains

This week, we were treated to much warmer temperatures - a strong sign the blistery cold may be coming to an end. However, warmer temperatures mean lots of melting, plus the forecast called for rain, so the grounds crew at my farm spent an afternoon clearing the storm drains on the property.
Storm drains help to prevent flooding, ponding, and possible road erosion from occurring. Keeping them clear is very important, whether they’re on your property or in front of your home on a public street. A lot of rain and snow is naturally soaked into the ground, but if the soil is completely saturated, the water runoff doesn’t have anywhere to go unless cleared storm drains are nearby. Luckily, the rain held off until all the drains were cleared of snow and debris. Here are a few pictures of this process.
A couple were taken from a very interesting vantage point, which I know you’ll find interesting...
[albumid2 id="DrainCleaning"]