March 11, 2015

Starting Onions From Seed

Here at the farm, much of the ground is still covered in snow, but inside my greenhouses, you’ll find lots of spring activity - my gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, are busy repotting orchids, organizing tools, and starting vegetables from seed.

About a month ago, we sowed several trays of onion seeds. Starting onions from seed isn’t difficult. They can be planted closely together in seed starting trays, and because they are shallow-rooted, they can be pulled apart easily when ready for transplanting outdoors. Many of our seed trays and supplies are from Johnny’s Seeds.
Last week, our onion seeds had already sprouted and grown about four or five inches tall. They’ll remain in the greenhouse for a few more weeks until they’re planted individually out in my garden. And by mid-summer, there will be lots of beautiful, fat bulbs to harvest.

Enjoy some of these first gardening pictures of the season…

[albumid2 id="Onions"]