October 24, 2015

A Fall Update on My Honey Bees

My honey bees have been busy…

As many of you know, I have been raising honey bees for many years. I love them for the honey they produce, but also for the important work they do to pollinate my fruits and vegetables. Pollen is the bees' source of protein and it is essential for feeding the queen and the larvae in their hives. Some of the pollen drops from the bee as it flies from flower to flower - this is when plant pollination occurs. Honey bees pollinate at least 80-percent of our flowering crops, which is one-third of everything we eat. Foods such as apples, broccoli, nuts, asparagus, cucumbers, and many other favorites, need bees to grow, so it is crucial that we take good care of our honey bee populations.

This week, D.J. Haverkamp of Bedford Bee Honey Bee Service, came by to check on my hives. He and my longtime driver, Carlos, inspected each one, and were so pleased with what they saw… Enjoy the photos.

[albumid2 id="CheckingBees"]