December 17, 2015

New Hoof Boots for Meindert

My beautiful Friesian, Meindert, is really enjoying his new hoof boots.

Because of the type of riding I do, mostly on dirt and gravel carriage roads and trails through the woods, it is appropriate for my horses to wear nailed-in shoes. However, Meindert, hasn’t worn rear shoes in several years, and more recently his front shoes were removed as well. He is a bit arthritic, so it is much easier and more comfortable for him to go barefoot, or unshod.

To keep him healthy and fit, my stable manager, Betsy Perreten, takes Meindert out for short, easy rides, whenever possible. He's been wearing special boots to protect and support his hooves during these rides, but he was ready for a new set - this time, for all four of his feet.

Here are some photos of Meindert getting his new boots from EasyCare Inc.

[albumid2 id="MeindertBoots"]