December 18, 2015

Preparing the Farm for Winter

Preparations for winter continue at the farm.

To stay organized during seasonal transitions, we follow a schedule of tasks from one year to the next. Before the blustery cold weather arrives, it’s important to replace all the screen windows and doors with storm glass, protect the air conditioning equipment with plywood, put away any necessary gardening equipment and container plantings, and cover precious shrubs and hedges with burlap.

Fortunately, this autumn has been very mild here in the Northeast. The last few weeks have even felt spring-like with temperatures nearing or reaching 60-degrees Fahrenheit. And, no one minds the reprieve one bit - in fact, it has allowed us ample time to ready the farm long before winter officially begins December 21st. Here are some of our photos… is your home ready for winter?

[albumid2 id="WinterFarmPrep"]