August 31, 2016

Growing Tomatoes at My Farm

We’re having such an excellent tomato season.

Every year, I love to grow a large and interesting assortment of tomatoes. I purchase many of the seeds from reputable seed companies, but I also make a point of collecting seeds during my travels. I also like to use seeds that have been passed on to me from other gardeners and friends.

We've been harvesting many, many tomatoes over the past couple weeks - large, medium, and small. Some of the varieties include: 'Noire Crimee', 'Cherokee Purple', 'Uncle Mark Bagby', 'Gulf State', 'Pink Beauty', 'Valencia', 'Czech Bush', 'Pink Berkeley Tie Dye', 'Grandeur', 'Granadero', 'Verona', 'Sungold', 'Brandywine' and 'Nova'. Here are some photos of this year's crop - enjoy. And, please let me know how your tomatoes are doing this year in the comments section below the photo gallery.