July 7, 2017

A Visit from Johnny's Selected Seeds

As many of you know, I am an avid gardener and am always on the lookout for innovative, sensible and easy-to-use tools and supplies.

One of my favorite sources is Johnny's Selected Seeds in central Maine. I discovered Johnny's years ago and have been using their seeds, plants, and tools ever since. Johnny's provides practical solutions for both the home gardener and the professional farmer and uses the expertise from great horticultural masters such as Eliot Coleman.

Not long ago, a team from Johnny’s Selected Seeds came to visit my Bedford, New York farm. My gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, guided them through the vegetable and flower beds and talked about how well our crops have done over the years. Our visitors also brought some of Johnny’s newest tools and supplies for us to try - it was a very informative and enjoyable visit. Here are some photos.

After the team from Johnny's came to the farm, they wrote up a nice article about their visit for their online newsletter. Take a look at it by clicking on this highlighted link to Johnny's Selected Seeds web site.