July 6, 2017

Our Fourth of July Photos

I always enjoy sharing photos from holiday gatherings.

Before major holiday weekends, I often send a general email to employees, extending my very best wishes for a safe and lovely time with family and friends. I also urge everyone to take photos of their feasts and decorations - I love seeing how others observe these special occasions and I am always excited to see the pictures and to read the many interesting stories that accompany them. This year, I received many wonderful photographs. My long Independence Day weekend was also very fun. I spent part of it with my daughter, Alexis, and her beautiful children, Jude and Truman. We enjoyed two lovely days in East Hampton, New York - playing at the beach and gathering for delicious meals with friends. The weather here in the Northeast was sunny, warm, and quite humid, but everyone had a splendid time.

Enjoy our photos.