July 1, 2020

Visiting Landcraft Environments Ltd.

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting plants and trees. I love visiting different nurseries to see what specimens they have for my ever-evolving Bedford, New York farm.

Last weekend, during a brief trip to Long Island and to my home in East Hampton, I stopped by one of my favorite sources, Landcraft Environments, Ltd., a pre-eminent wholesaler of tropical, tender perennials, shrubs, bulbs, and unusual annuals located in Mattituck on the North Fork. Landcraft Environments is owned by garden designers, Dennis Schrader and Bill Smith who have been in business together since 1982, initially specializing in landscape design. Realizing a tremendous need for unusual plant material, Dennis and Bill purchased the property in 1992 when it was just an overgrown potato and corn farm. Now, it features their beautifully restored 1840s farmhouse, a lovely four-acre public garden, and thousands of local and exotic plants from around the world - all encircled by 10 acres of rehabilitated meadows with mowed paths for viewing native plants and wildlife.

Enjoy the photos Kevin Sharkey and I took. Dennis and Bill also formed the Landcraft Garden Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to inspiring, educating, and promoting gardening, horticulture, and the preservation of its natural environment. Follow Dennis and Bill on their Instagram pages @Landcraft_environments_ltd and @Landcraft_garden_foundation. For information on where to get their plants, click on this link for a listing of garden centers.