August 25, 2021

Pruning the Bald Cypress Trees

Time for some pruning and maintenance on the trees at my Bedford, New York farm.

As the owner of a working farm with many gardens, groves, and allees, I am constantly looking at all the plants and trees, making sure they are in perfect condition. Pruning is one of our biggest and most important tasks. Pruning is about more than just looks; proper pruning improves the health of the plants, prevents disease, and encourages better flowering. There are different pruning strategies for different times of the year, but overall the goals are the same - to control the shape, to keep bushes and trees fresh and open, and to allow for better air circulation through the center of the specimen. Yesterday, my gardeners "limbed up" the bald cypress trees - pruned back the low branches to keep them from hitting any cars on the carriage road and to allow enough light to filter down to the plants below.

Here are some photos, enjoy.