January 4, 2023

Saving Gray Wolves on "The Martha Stewart Podcast"

Do you know... nature depends on various keystone species to survive and thrive?

That's right, and the wolf is one of these critical keystone creatures. Like a keystone holds up an arch, wolves help maintain ecosystems. By regulating prey populations, wolves enable many other plants and animals to flourish. They initiate a domino effect and support natural levels of biodiversity. However, the wolf is in danger and it's never been more urgent than right now to stand up and defend the mighty wolf. In my latest episode of "The Martha Stewart Podcast", which you can listen to today on the iHeart Media App or wherever you get your podcasts, I talk to Samantha Attwood, Co-Founding Member of the #RelistWolves Campaign, a coalition made up of dedicated conservationists, wildlife advocates, and scientists committed to raising public awareness about wolves and advocating to restore Gray wolves to the Endangered Species List, and Maggie Howell, Executive Director of the Wolf Conservation Center in nearby South Salem, New York. We discuss wolves, what is happening to them, and why it is so important to help protect them.

Here are some beautiful photos of the Gray wolf, enjoy.