September 14, 2023

Time to Bathe the Chow Chows!

Some of you have asked how my dogs are doing. I'm happy to report - my two French Bulldogs, Crème Brûlée and Bête Noire, and my two Chow Chows, Empress Qin and Emperor Han, are all doing wonderfully.

My dogs are groomed and checked for ticks and fleas every day. They are also bathed regularly - every couple weeks for the dogs, and about once a month for my cats. Recently, it was bath time for Qin and Han. I actually love to do this task myself when I am home, but when I am away, my house cleaner, Carlos, takes on job. When bathing pets, it’s important to always use lukewarm water and only mild pet shampoos - we use my own Martha Stewart shampoos and conditioners from my collection on Amazon.

Here are some photos, enjoy.