November 25, 2007

A Great Pumpkin Pie!

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving and that no one ate too much turkey or too much pie.  Recently,  Rhode Island pie maker and owner of Sakonnet River Pie, Paul Bergeron,  was a guest on my television show.  He shared his recipe for a most delicious pumpkin-pecan-praline pie.  Paul’s crust was flaky and beautiful and is made with butter and leaf lard from special pigs raised in Pennsylvania.  He also uses a special teardrop cookie cutter to make delicate little curls that he places all around the edge of his pie.  I was so inspired by his presentation that I asked Pierre to help me in the kitchen.  We baked off 36 pumpkin-pecan-praline pies.  I had no lard so I made my usual all butter pate brisee.  And because I don’t own a teardrop cookie cutter to make a curled edge, Pierre and I decided on a lovely flat leaf-edge.  I gave most of these yummy pies away as Thanksgiving gifts, making my friends very happy. You can get the full recipe on my website and view the video clip from my show by clicking here: Pumpkin Pecan-Praline Pie

Pre-baked crusts on top of one another
Pastry cut into leaves for edges and decoration

Applying the leaves to edge of pre-baked crusts

Filling the shells with pumpkin mixture

Baked pie (Not shown- top of pies sprinkled with pecan praline)

Cup of cappuccino- the house drink in a giant Limoges cup
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Pate de fruits- black currant, raspberry, apple and pear packed in small brown cardboard boxes- tied with raffia and decorated with Dresden gold turkeys. This was another gift that I gave out this year.


Photos By Eliad Laskin